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what a night last night was, good to see you all and glad to be on track with everyone, hope you have all had a good holiday since the last club night see you all next week

Planning For The Future Event Final Jan 18 BP

Hey guys,

Just a reminder that Phab club is starting back up again on the Wednesday 30th august we are looking forward to seeing all you guys and can’t wait to hear what you have all been up to, so don’t forget to pop down and we will all have a great tae kwon do night 🙂


Hello all,

We are looking for some daring folk to take part in Wirral Mencap’s ‘Stand-Up Challenge’ delivered in partnership with The Comedy Trust.

The challenge involves attending 4 comedy workshops with a professional comedian to prepare for a comedy night at Tranmere Rovers on Thursday 28th September.  You will receive professional tuition and guidance from Sam Avery, a professional comedian and comedy coach from The Comedy Trust in Liverpool.  Workshops will take place on the 4 Thursdays leading up to the 28th September at our offices in Market Street from 6.00pm to 8.00pm. 

  • Thursday 31st August for the first session.
  • Thursday 7th September       
  • Thursday 14th September
  • Thursday 21st September

Your personal challenge is to do a 5 minute stand-up routine and raise as much money as possible from sponsorship from friends, family and colleagues and selling as many tickets as possible for the Comedy Night – that way we’ll fill the room with a friendly audience.

Everyone who did it last year had a great time and several people wanted to do it again!  Here’s a video clip of some of last year’s comedians.  Hopefully that will give you a feel for just how exciting it was.  As you’ll see it was a fantastic experience and everyone had a great time.




Sharon Nicholson | Fundraiser | Wirral Mencap | 0151 666 1829| 07767163087


Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 09.52.25


Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 09.49.47


Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 09.47.52





Finally back online and we are ready to load you guys with so much phab news and phab pictures, we have been up to so much since our website has been offline, whilst we have been gone we have been up to so much, we have had tonnes of Wednesday phab nights at our club and we have had music nights, food nights, birthday parties, tae kwon do, watch this space more to come !!!!


Hi Guys, we are back online yay watch this space for the latest news…


Wednesday 23rd February 2017

What a PHABulous night last night was we had  Zumba with charlotte who brought us a fabulous comeback of awesome Zumba and then we also had the Guitar workshop with our fabulous Phabbers learning to play a song for a performance at the end of the month… which sounds FANTASTIC!!! and we also had the signing workshop which was amazing, we are learning so much !!!


check out the new news letter below !!!

KIT Spring 2017

Wednesday 15th February 2017

WOW…. What an amazing night we had tonight…. Blind Date which was hilarious and big congrats to the winners Kelly and Mark enjoy your date night ( a movie and a meal ) and we want to hear all about it.

Mr and Mrs quiz Our two winning contestants , well what can i say not a dry eye in the House when Ian Proposed to Anita live on stage…. and she said yes congratulations guys and what a beautiful ring.

We are proud to be part of such an amazing group.

16729409_962027460563582_5799825182226244634_n 16807041_10211786665885190_8570537568180663709_n

Wednesday 8th February

what a fabulous night had by all, we partied till we dropped !!! with it being a couple of the phabbers birthdays we decided to do a party night so disco night was called upon, not only did we have disco night we also had a go at baking and we had a guitar and drumming workshop the week before, were all our phabbers enjoyed a wonderful musical night having to learn the guitar and put together a song, and the drummers had to learn another brilliant drumming rhythm, photos are all below.

16640660_627656177445419_4197799402708476692_n 16507998_10208802907770118_3076718902024897402_n 16508142_627655967445440_5806793047301395199_n 16507958_10208802906890096_6934448408109805717_n 16508952_10208802906810094_8540321321937663705_n 16473616_627655974112106_7961987423380239760_n






What a wonderful weekend we had at the Phab 60th Jubilee

many thanks to everyone who came and to Rebecca Hargreaves for organising such a spectacular event

16114025_10211545008203899_782552859465208646_n 16114434_10211545002563758_4511264836390358199_n 16114434_10211545002563758_4511264836390358199_n













Hello Phabbers,

just to remind you all that we are back this week Wednesday the 18th January, looking forward to seeing you all for a coffee and a chat, we will be bring the information for our pontoons Holiday for all of you interested, See you there guys….


Hi everyone have a look at the new Bendrigg web site its incredible,














Tuesday 3rd January 2017


What a wonderful year 2016 has been, so much to look forward to this year for all Phab members, so much to do and so many places to go to, we are back open on Wednesday 18th January.



Friday 16th December

Wow Phabbers…

what a truly fantastic night our Christmas party 2016 was….

Please join me in sending a massive thank you for our hosts and sponsors for this years event, giving up their time and Christmas night out the one and only B.T.

A Very big heartfelt thank you for the decorations, food, the big smiles and the Fabulous effort from you all, i hope i have not missed anybody out

Jeanette Campbell, Barry Cassidy,Jane Noad, James Crane, Satnam Basra, Christopher Jordan, Becky Mills, Ian Bartle,

Jill Dalton ,Jacqui Thomas, Angela lillycrop, David Clunas, Sam Whiting, Sam Munbodh, Chris rig, Joseph McCabe, Mitali Gohel

Our Magician Ian McCoy, our brilliant Singer Ant Wilson, our carers, helpers and Transport you made sure everyone had a special night

Our B.T Crew 2016






we will see you all in the new year have a wonderful Christmas and Happy new year to you all xx


Thursday 8th December

Well phabbers what a brilliant evening you had without us, Massive thank you to Ray Dodd and Aimee Sheridan for hosting and to Steve and Vince for the music, we will see you all next week for our Christmas Party Generously Hosted by B.T., Have a lovely week.

Please remember to buy your raffle tickets 50p each from Donna for the brilliant Christmas Hamper



15289254_675975405895696_2339910276120026611_o 15304180_10157790827115487_7644708316268776875_o  img_4718 img_4724 img_4723


Friday 25th November

Hey Phabber’s !! what a brilliant night we had on Wednesday, we had the amazing “wirral deaf choir” sing and sign for us and we played some great “play your cards right” here are some pictures of Wednesday night for all 🙂

15135874_10210942966673237_3385242227452758849_n 15134551_10210942984873692_951552220240237945_n 15095524_10210942984913693_8539118434468853427_n 15094477_10210942985233701_2584335785443313760_n

15170916_10210942986313728_5656850065295524257_n 15109442_10210942986433731_3841818972984180789_n 15094326_10210942987393755_2303234250966251142_n 15178303_10210942988393780_1561520483425807158_n

Friday 11th November 

hello everyone as you know we had a great couple of Wednesday’s for phab, we had vic’s band playing and it was mick’s birthday party, happy birthday mick!! back to it, below are some fantastic pictures of nick’s party we hope you all had a fantastic night guys !! and once again thank you for playing Vic!!

15056450_884733614959634_821802222752930373_n 15027795_884733638292965_1423867449749166108_n 14937184_884733488292980_4908367705265095869_n 15036498_884733551626307_5157478662923237610_n

15056235_884733558292973_2857493509534755797_n 15055628_884733594959636_5887725422298503523_n 14925759_10210746101031719_3436639762253534187_n 14925399_10210746101071720_1523026789200409682_n

14956383_10210746101271725_8387536669315248111_n 14963243_10210746101311726_3782097760623023401_n 14925759_10210746101031719_3436639762253534187_n-1

Tuesday 8th November

Hi Phabbers we have been given an amazing Christmas hamper for our Raffle all tickets will be available at club and from the shop, thank you so much for your generous donation Frank and Vee Howell xxx big hugs from us all



Tuesday 1st November 

as you may know, Greg and lorna surprised Dianne last night to go and see the “ITV Wrestling” which was an amazing and fun filled night !! can’t wait to see you all at PHAB tonight, also we will be showing you all some fantastic pictures and we will be able to watch and listen to the amazing vic and his band also a good game of play your cards right, see you all soon.

14632983_10210733181428737_5071984354720678152_n 14639877_10210735240920223_3933397169725102160_n 14900431_10210735240560214_8828027602597350930_n 14907106_10210733181788746_8891251868029227355_n 14907126_10210733183268783_5405944932380949531_n 14908273_10210733182348760_1384267284918696580_n 14938100_10210735241440236_7468265483174046439_n 14947870_10210733181468738_1867617758741873038_n 14955763_10210733184148805_2623015921258732383_n 14956580_10210733181828747_1801936960008826334_n 14962725_10210733182308759_3672401795503454743_n



Hi Guys please see our agenda below

26th October Our spooky Halloween Party, dress up and join in the fun at Mayer Hall.

On the 2nd November Vic’s Band and play your cards right at Highcroft Day Centre

Adddress- Heath Road, Bebington, Wirral, CH63 3JL

On 9th November its Mick’s Party at Highcroft Day Centre

16th November Chill and Chat
23rd Nov Wirral Deaf School Choir

30th Nov Croakers



Halloween party (Wednesday 26th)

coming this week guys, we are having our amazing halloween party and the best dressed will certainly win a prize !!! don’t forget to get your dancing shoes on, and your outfits, can’t wait to see you all, we will be having party food and halloween games going on throughout the night.


20th October 2016

WOW What a night guys….. A Massive Thank you to Kate Lawrie at Dance fit Wirral, for an amazing evening

and to all the members, you were all amazing iv never seen so many of you join in lets keep it up and all be as active as we possibly can, and dance your socks off whenever you hear some music.

14702357_10210603310182037_5973382560983842673_n 14656260_10210603311502070_8616875716476520967_n 14705730_10210603309542021_2801463410331009800_n 14680494_10210603307181962_1739006211406233307_n

14650165_10210603311942081_378881815608447216_n 14657294_10210603310222038_941473806301028144_n 14666269_10210603310902055_6968966388484836165_n 14642108_10210603309662024_1954785768820870452_n

14731253_10210603310702050_3634601004537296699_n 14642000_10210603309262014_3083441784250903380_n 14657311_10210603311662074_1679556100571627421_n 14680494_10210603307181962_1739006211406233307_n-1

14720500_10210603306541946_7513722145506336132_n 14666046_10210603306181937_816921457238182565_n 14705730_10210603309542021_2801463410331009800_n-1


19th Oct



14th October

Hi Phabbers, please find the agenda for the next few weeks below

next week 19th October Dance-fit with Kate at Mayer Hall

26th October Our spooky Halloween Party, dress up and join in the fun at Mayer Hall.

On the 2nd November Vic’s Band and play your cards right at Highcroft Day Centre

Adddress- Heath Road, Bebington, Wirral, CH63 3JL

On 9th November its Mick’s Party at Highcroft Day Centre

16th November Chill and Chat

23rd Nov Wirral Deaf School Choir

30th Nov Croakers



See you all there Greg xxx 🙂




Hi Guys, just to remind you all that we have our amazing Phab merchandise which will make great Christmas presents for your family and friends, have a look at the phab shop page on here or can order your Christmas goodies with Donna at Phab club.




Hi Guys, Its Bingo tonight, looking forward to hearing all your Phab news, see you all there Greg and Lorna



Taekondo Night, yet another amazing evening, so good to see everyone going in and having a go…. so proud of you all, check out our gallery pages to see the pics





29th Sept 2016

Murder mystery Night…..

What an amazing turnout for our club, thank you all so much for turning up, dressing up and taking part, it was a fantastic night and we cannot wait to do it all again, we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did???

How amazing did Emma look last night guys?





so as you guys know, last night was just AMAZING!! i mean how good was Chris last night doing the live music quiz, anyway just to say a big thank you to you all for coming last night, it was brilliant and thoroughly enjoyable, we will definitely be inviting Chris to come down and do a set for us, below are some pictures of last nights events, hope you all enjoyed it guys 🙂


screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-09-09-07 screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-09-09-32 screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-09-08-31





12th September 2016, Hi everyone hope you all had a lovely holiday and were looking forward to seeing you all. Here is a list of upcoming events.

September 14th Chill night.

September 21st Chris Callander.

September 28th Murder mystery night.

October 5th Wirral Taekwondo.

October 12th Bingo.

October 19th Kate dance fit.

October 26th Halloween party.



so this week and last we had an amazing barbecue done by the lovely Raymond. and we also had an amazing fun night done by Mick and Wendy playing some golf and relaxing outside. also wishing a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to donna.

13892046_1755475454710974_7474802567847609199_n 13934856_10157244771985487_5895845874774542146_n 14039915_10157244772615487_7726700264920601682_n 14053978_1052102778243802_2578303316112442711_n 

14054179_1755475441377642_3403764816396658879_n 14054939_1052102828243797_2283783743409160348_n 14063865_1052103094910437_7674402826692238659_n 14063865_1052103094910437_7674402826692238659_n 

14064123_1052102901577123_5624117941930543470_n 14064261_10157244773085487_4880164607363465588_n 14067562_1755475804710939_5718721354307620082_n 14068127_1052102874910459_4812859414054044894_n

14088418_1755475501377636_3762114957389367755_n 14088594_1755475818044271_2346033672083882967_n 14095699_1052102838243796_1273569151109913577_n 14102143_1052103051577108_8003720774199424236_n

 14102315_1052103008243779_7454798596955401291_n 14102460_1755475481377638_370404250369308333_n




Post 18th july

hi guys

just to let you all know, here is what is happening on the following dates for PHAB club on a Wednesday,

July 20th – disco night / July 27th – picnic in the park BRING YOUR OWN PICNIC + BLANKET / august 3rd – to be arranged / august 10th – games night / august 17th ray and Aimee fun night / August 24th – Mic and Wendy fun night/ August 31st and September 7th – closed for summer holidays.

Post 18th July

hi guys

on Tuesday 23rd 6pm to 9pm cheshire oaks are hosting an autism friendly shopping day, dimmed lights, quiet background music, minimum tannoy announcements and quiet spaces to relax and unwind.

Post 18th July 2016

hi guys

we now have our fabulous wrist bands out for sale, at the PHAB shop and also on Wednesdays at our club, the wristbands are at a reduced rate of £1.50 for all PHAB members, this week at PHAB on Wednesday we are having our fabulous disco so come down and dress to impress.



Post 11th July 2016

Hi Guys

Our new PHAB wristband’s for 2016 are now in stock for all you fashionistas…these are now available in the Phab shop or at Mayer Hall tomorrow, a modelled by Greg Below they are £1.50 each so don’t forget your money tomorrow if you want to buy one, 🙂

greg modeling 1 greg modeling 2



Hi Phabbers,

thank you all so much for making our wedding night spectacular, we will see you all on wednesday 13th july (this week)

for our wedding and honeymoon pictures


Greg and Lorna Howell



phab weeding pic

Post 28th June 2016

Ladies and gentle men the new Mr and Mrs Howell

greg 1 greg 2 greg 3

What a wonderful day, we hope you all enjoyed sharing their special day, we wish them both a very long and happy marriage

See you all on the 13th July



Post 21st June

Hi Phabbers, we are so excited its the big wedding this week and our very own Lorna and greg will be tying the knot… I’m sure you will all wish them well and they will be back at Phab on 13th July following their honeymoon !!! can’t wait to see the pics. see you all tomorrow our last night 22nd June.



Post 2nd June 2016 (this one is for catherine !!!) 

As catherine has been perusing the PHAB website – i thought it was only right to give her a mention!!!

Dates For You diaries;

8th June – Steve Shottons ‘Rhythm Reaction’ – The best drumming workshop around

15th June – Ray Dodd’s all star BBQ evening

Please note our changes below

22nd June – Chill night

29th June – Phab is closed tonight Guys 

6th July – Phab is closed tonight be back next week

13th July -Wedding pics & Honeymoon PICs


Thanks so much to the mindtastic mentalist Mr. Ian McCoy, for last nights amazing entertainment !!!

Also don’t forget to order the PHAB merchandise !!!




25th may 2016

Hi Phabbers, we are really excited to be introducing you all to the new I AM Phab Community shop,

so please don’t forget to bring your pound with you you might just find  a special something to buy and take home

See you later Greg.. 🙂 



Please add to your diaries our closing dates this summer

22nd june we will be closed as Greg and Lorna prepare for their wedding!!! they will be so excited to see you all there.

29th June we will be closed until the honeymooners return ready to show off their Tans and Holiday pics on the 6th of July

Summer break – we will be closed for the following three weeks Wednesday 17th August, Wednesday 24th August and Wednesday 31st August and will be back at Phab on wednesday the 7th September to hear all your summer news…



Post 17th May 2016

Hi Phabbers, sorry for not posting for a while but we have had so much on !!!

First it was the marathon, then  it was Pontins !! Talking of Pontins, what a weekend. It

was amazing being with such positive, happy, smiley faces. Karaoke on the friday (and getting a little drunk),

Swimming Saturday morning, Bikes & crazy golf in the afternoon, Bingo in the evening. Sunday it was Snooker,

then the beach, brilliant. Thank you to everyone who helped !! Especially Mick, Wendy, Karen & Chris !! for all

the organising and food.



Sadly, we must bring up some sad sad news, our lovely Margaret Murray who sadly passed on Saturday 7th May at 6pm

Margaret went into hospital just after Christmas with a nasty chest infection and unfortunately got worse and worse.

Margaret was such a lovely kind caring soul who was always game for a laugh. We will dearly miss her.

The funeral is on Tuesday 21st june @ Holy Name Of Jesus off beresford road off Bidston rd

then at t 1.30pm Landican South Chapel. Followed by refreshments at Wirral Ladies Golf Club Bidston Road.



Post 25th April 2016

What about this for an achievement Greg and Lorna Completed their Marathon Run in 4 hours 48 min,, WOW!!!!

Massive congratulations to them both for their amazing Fundraising effort for PHAB













Post 20th April 2016


Hi Phabbers, how about this for funky colours now on the updates !!!!

Ok, its been a busy busy couple of weeks, what with the opening of the I AM PHAB Community Shop,

Marathon training for Sunday !!!! don’t forget to look out for us on the BBC :), Karaoke evening on 13th April 

and the usually busy antics of the PHAB team.

On the Phab Gallery have a look at the pics of the PHAB shop, thanks to LabelsNSigns for kindly doing the shop front and

to our old friends SticknStep for donating all sorts to us. Andy most of all thanks to all the phabbers who are helping  out, our amazing gorgeous volunteers

and Lorna for running round collecting and all the lovely donators !!!

Ok back to business

20th April Zumba Gold with Charlotte (Good luck with the pregnancy)

27th April Ant Wilson performing for Vich Chairman Daves birthday bash

4th April Our very own Vics Melody Makers & a Surprise Celebrity !!!!

Finally don’t forget to check out our phab community shop button

Signing off, see you tonight Phabbers !!!

phab shop exterior








Hi Phabber’s

We have had lots of fun over the last few weeks a brilliant performance from Wirral Grammar drummers, so for the next few weeks here’s whats on.

Wed 16th March chat night.

Wed 23rd March 70’s/80’s/90’s quiz.

wed 30th March Bingo.

wed 6th April Art with chester Uni.

What a fun packed night you all had!!  with a special valentines and pancakes to boot, sorry we missed it but went to an amazing gig with Jai, we will tell you all about it next week.

Entertainment dates for your diary’s

Wed feb 17th Rhythm Reaction

Wed 24th Taequondo

Wed 2nd March will be an amazing Cher tribute act

Wed 9th to be confirmed

Wed 16th March Rhythm Reaction

Wed April 20th Zumba

Wed 27th Anthony Wilson & Daves Birthday







Wed 4th April Vic & the melody makers and OHHH  a surprise

Post; Tuesday 28th January

Hey Phabbers how good was last night with the amazing Charlotte Roberts, We love Zumba Gold!!

Great to meet Gavin !! and so enjoyed watching Paul Coopers Mandril Monkey doing zumba

please read the attached letter from rebecca hargreaves and let me know if you interested




Following the success of our 2014 fun weekend held at Mytton Fold Hotel in Langho, Lancashire, I have been asked to look into the possibility of organising another event to help kick off our Diamond Jubilee Celebrations in 2017 – 60 years!  Before I go ahead and confirm our booking I would like to gauge the interest from our members to see how many people would consider attending.


The weekend itself would be held at the same hotel and in late January 2017.  It is a lovely family run hotel with three fully accessible bedrooms with wet rooms and many more bedrooms on the ground floor. You can have a look at the hotel on the following website:


We would arrive on Friday evening and leave after lunch on Sunday.  Here is a brief sample programme:


Friday – arrive after 3.00pm. Dinner from 7.30pm, quiz evening/relaxing in the bar

Saturday day time – Fun activities: drumming workshops, arts and crafts, wine tasting, boccia, golf etc……

Saturday evening – Gala Dinner – Diamond Ball!  Three course dinner with coffee, disco and entertainment.

Sunday – Fun team games/activities then depart after lunch.


The cost of the weekend which includes accommodation on the Friday and Saturday night, entertainment and workshops, breakfast, lunch and evening meals and refreshments during the day (tea, coffee, biscuits) would be £170.00 per person.


There is also the option of joining us just for the activities on Saturday and/or the gala dinner for those who live close to the hotel and I can send you prices if this was your preferred option.


If you would like any more details please do give me a call.


The last event was amazing and very well attended and  I do hope that your members would like to be part of it, especially to help us celebrate our wonderful charities 60th birthday.


It would be fantastic if you could give me an indication whether your Phab members would want to be involved and if so how many. I look forward to hearing from you.






Rebecca Hargreaves

National Projects Manager



Direct Line: 01254 824784

Mobile No: 07875 140898


Registered Charity Number 283931, Company Number 01598587 registered in England and Wales

Summit House, Wandle Road, Croydon, CR0 1DF



Post;Tuesday 19th January

Marathon update news – Hey Phabbers the training is going well, after a naughty friday,

a naughty saturday, a naughty sunday, oh and a naughty monday, managed to slot

in a 14miler on saturday yayyy!! looking forward to it now

Its gunna be a long way 26.2miles check the link out below its this long

Anyway thanks ever so much to Chris Calendar & the amazing girls with strawberry hair aka Sarah Clifford

this week we have rhythm reaction doing an amazing drum workshop !!




Post; Monday 11th January

Sad Sad news for all of Phab with the passing of Ed ‘Stewpot’ Stewart who was 74 years young.

For those of you who didn’t realise, Ed was the president of PHAB – Wow what an amazing man

Ed was. For those who grew up in the 70’s, we all remember the famous saying ‘its friday, its five to

five and its CRACKERJACK!!!!’ Ed was a true legend, we feel for all his nearest & dearest – much love



Post; Friday 18th December

WOW phabbers !!!!! How good was that Christmas Bash !! 🙂

Thank you so so so so much to the BT Volunteers who created such smiles at ‘I AM PHAB’

on wednesday night, with the most amazing organisation skills thanks to the wonderful Danny Wilson (Chief elf),

masses of gorgeous food, but more importantly, and the most important ingrediant of all, Christmas Cheer & Goodwill.

Thank you

Danielle Smith
Corinne Kennedy
Kathy Josefsen
Mark Gleen
Gary Debeger
Simon Petty
Johanna Bagnall
Sam Rees
Kev Muraski
Donna Moran
Ross Mcleod
Serife Kher
Peter Nutall
Danny Wilson

All gave up there time, some travelled from as far a field as Norfolk & Suffolk, so from the bottom of our hearts at PHAB thank you

and have a wonderful christmas !! Cant wait to see you next year !!


Then…….. Came a cheque for £5000 from the co-op, thanks to June & Adam Ghilene.

so again massive thanks to June for the dedication, kindness & thinking about our PHABBERS.

Your such a good soul xxx


Then……. came the news…. 30 years since the opening of our PHAB club, and three years since Alan passed away

sadly, that our very own Zumba queen, Charlotte Roberts is having her first child, so congrats to you and thank you for all

your hard work.

Anyway PHABBERS, wishing you all a big wonderful amazing Christmas, thanks you to everyone who has helped

us over the last twelve months !!!! Thanks to the Denhams for the selection boxes, anyway signing off PHABBERS, I’ve got a hotel with the

lovely Lorna and a fully body massage waiting with our names on it – nothing like chilling out xx love you all

Greg, Lorna & Tribe



Post; Wed 9th December

OMG phabbers just been gassing to our Dawn, about how time flies, only thought it was about a week since

my last post, certainly didn’t think it was a month (Time flies when your having too much fun 🙂


Anyway, what a month!!! Thank you as ever to the amazing Croakers for last weeks Carol service.

OMG How good were the Melody Makers (Thanks Vic, Jo & Tribe – Brilliant)

Tonight Miss Aimee Sheridan & friends will be exciting us with an explosion of Art

so excited !!!


PHAB MEMBERS Sheet1 copy 2-2


above is the list of names for christmas cards its also on the Facebook page


Dont forger BT Christmas Party next week!!



Post; Thursday 5th November (Happy Bonny Night)

Hi Phabbers, slight change to the running order as Musicality were poorly last night, so

some rearranging;

Really enjoyed last nights musical quiz

Dates for your diary

28th October – Halloween Party – don’t forget costumes/apples/bowls/string

4th November – Musicality our amazing funky choir from upstairs at Mayer

11th November – Musicality our amazing funky choir from upstairs at Mayer

18th November – Murder Mystery Evening

25th November – Vics band – the melody makers

2nd November – The croakers christmas eveniung

9th December – Free week (undecided as yet)

16th December BT Christmas Party with Santa – Finish for Christmas



Post; Thursday 22nd October

Hi Phabbers, what a busy few weeks its been, sorry for not posting for a while !!

Thank you so much Ritchie & Terri from wirral taekwondo for last night, it was amazing .

Dates for your diary

28th October – Halloween Party – don’t forget costumes/apples/bowls/string

4th November – Musicality our amazing funky choir from upstairs at Mayer

11th November – Games & Craft Night

18th November – Murder Mystery Evening

25th November – Vics band – the melody makers

2nd November – The croakers christmas eveniung

9th December – Free week (undecided as yet)

16th December BT Christmas Party with Santa – Finish for Christmas



Post; Thursday 1st October

Welcome to October Phabbers !! Great night last night and welcome to the new members !!

As its been such a busy return from summer, Gemmas wedding Party, Zumba, Murder Mystery, 80’s night etc, We thought next

week, we would have a chilled out chat night, there will be a nails corner by sarah, an embroidery corner by Catherine & of course Pool !!

PS We were so pleased that Matty, Mick & Wendy won the Hampers – Well done Guys



Post; Wed 30th September

Aftter a successful 80’s night last week (sorry for the late post), the amazing PHABBERS strike again, with an

idea to raise money for comic relief. Tonight is the 80’s school disco, so get out ya shorties & ties, and lets see you

rock your socks to the likes of Two tribes & Agadoo !! don’t forget your 50p for comic relief


For all those who are going to duke barn on friday, have an amazing time!!!!



Post; Friday 11th September

Next Wednesday (16th) will be :

  • Zumba with the amazing Charlotte Rodgers
  • Farewell to Maggie (trip to Thailand teaching)


Post; Thursday 10th September

Great night at Phab last night, thankyou Gemma & Jason for the fantastic food, and everyone who helped.

Thank you to Lorna, for setting out the room, and to Ant for the wonderful music


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